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Doctors separate heads of one-year-old conjoined twins

Glad and proud to take part in this one-time-opportunity, complex and exciting surgery.

Together with Dr. Mickey Gideon , I designed 3D-printed anatomical models that guided the surgeons from different disciplines that were involved in this surgery, Neurosurgeons, Plastic Surgeons, and Anesthesiologists.

The 3D models, based on the CT and MRI scenes, were printed in different technologies and includes different materials that mimic the anatomical tissues.

The models were used to simulate the operation, demonstrating how the separation will be performed, from the blood vessels, through the dura tissue, to the skull and the skin. Moreover, the model allowed simulation for Anesthesiologists in the lying position of the twins in the operating room.

This is another example of how a 3D printed model takes a significant part in pre-surgical planning.


mimics, 3-Matic, Materialise


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